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Michael Areola


Product Development Consultant and Transformational Coach that empowers employees to drive success, makes enterprise become more adaptable and responsive organization. Results-driven IT professional with comprehensive experience managing all aspects of digital transformation, Lean Portfolio, and agile product management.
Embedded successful practices and actions in daily operations, direct organizations to success through strategic initiatives that harmonize overall infrastructure, reduce operational costs and optimize performance.
Expertise in leading diverse teams in collaboration to drive emergent DevOps CE/CI/CD implementation to improve process, bottom-line gains, and competitive advantages. In-depth knowledge of Agile processes and frameworks that streamlined development process, increased team efficiency, drive collaboration and reduced wasted time.
Analytical planner with KPI, Metrics and OKR, adept at identifying and isolating business challenges, as well as devising solutions to resolve issues.
Elite communicator, able to ease communication between scrum team and product owner to deliver quality product to customers.


Company bio:

CenMic Management takes on Agile training and consulting projects of all shapes and sizes, having earned a reputation for implementing sustainable SAFe® and DevOps Transformations for the world's largest enterprises. We are confident and proud of our portfolio of business and our incredible coaches with moving forward embedded in their DNA, who wholly dedicate themselves to improving the companies we work with. From local to global brands, we approach all projects with great enthusiasm and focus.