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State of Value Stream Management Reports

Find out about value stream management practices and platforms, their adoption, and how to implement them in your organization in our flagship research.

The State of Value Stream Management Report 2022

Our second year of research identified adoption trends in value stream management including increased use of VSMPs, more organizations aligning around value streams, and more people measuring value outcomes. You can use our learnings to help you optimize the flow from ideation to value realization and elevate customer experience.


This year we report on topics including:

  • VSM and VSMP adoption
  • The vision for VSM
  • Connecting planning with delivery
  • Identifying value streams
  • VSM-centric organizational design
  • When mapping matters
  • Lead and cycle time and other VSM metrics
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SoVSM 22 - cover page

The State of Value Stream Management Report 2021

Our inaugural year research identified the state of the value stream management market. We defined a clear view of the long-term vision and goals of the movement and continue to aim to progress global organizational performance as it advances towards this over the years.

Test book cover sovsmr21
What you'll find inside:
  • Organizing around value streams
  • Discovery through value stream mapping
  • Inspection and adaptation through value flow analysis
  • Measuring and acting on value realization
  • Guidance: why use value stream management
  • Demographics
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