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The Value Stream Management Consortium is a member association for enterprises and individuals working with value stream management practices and platforms. Our purpose is to advance value stream-centric ways of working to lead to higher-performing organizations, connecting product management with software engineering.

Corporate Membership Types



Designed for any organization aiming to maximize their strategic involvement in driving the future of value stream management

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Designed for organizations adopting or involved in the adoption of value stream management that want access to the resources to support their ambitions

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Inceptor Membership


Designed for start-up ventures with less than 25 employees and no more than $3 million in funding

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Join An Active Community

Our members are enterprises, end-users, vendors, and consultants who recognize that VSM is the way to supercharge organizational performance and elevate the role of technologists, optimizing software delivery. Our members are committed to collaborating in order to advance the future of VSM and our industry. Whether you are a technologist, creating VSM technology or coaching organizations on a transformation journey, your membership gives you access to the conversation.


Showcase your industry leadership


Network with other VSM thought leaders


Increase brand awareness and recognition

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Drive the future of VSM


Engage in our community

Here's a look at some of the benefits members receive:


The State of VSM

  • Our flagship research
  • Monitoring adoption trends
  • Highlighting correlations between VSM usage and organizational performance
  • Published annually, publicly
  • Sneak peek for all members
  • All members can join the research value stream and guide the research
  • Members-only ‘Behind the scenes’ insights
  • Participate in monthly microresearch - propose topics, provide feedback on surveys and data


  • Crowdsourced learning materials
  • Members-only access to the online Value Stream Management Foundation course for employees
  • Discounts on the Value Stream Management Foundation certification exam from DevOps Institute
  • Participate in the VSMC learning value stream to guide portfolio of learning and microlearning


  • Our annual, 2-day in-person event
  • Pre-event live learning free for members 
  • Event entry ticket bundles for members
  • Discounted event sponsorship and exhibitor booths
  • Guaranteed speaker slots for Leader members
  • Hands-on labs, live panels, and lean coffee sessions
  • Network with other VSM practitioners
  • Flowtopia On-Demand available to members through the portal 

The Flow Sessions

  • Hosted by Steve Pereira
  • Biweekly broadcasts
  • Members propose topics
  • Leader members are guaranteed an episode in each series
  • Leader members receive registrant data for their episodes
  • Previous guests include Karen Martin, Bryan Finster, Mik Kersten and more


  • Members can join huddles for consulting, CXO, or government
  • Join via the Slack channels or the VSMC Community
  • Receive members only invitations to participate in VSMC facilitated private peer sessions
  • Contribute to good practices and open standards
  • Develop case stories, white and thought papers and eBooks
  • Develop tools such as VSM Assessment and VSM workshops

Membership Guide

Download our Membership Guide to find out the full benefits of becoming a Value Stream Management Consortium member.

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Membership Benefits

Category Benefit Leader Partner Inceptor
Industry Leadership Leadership roles in VSMC Value Streams Group 404

Group 405

Group 405
Industry Leadership Vote for VSMC officers Group 404 Group 405 Group 405
Industry Leadership Participation in the VSMC Leadership forum Group 404 Group 405 Group 405
Industry Leadership Can nominate VSMC board members Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Industry Leadership Participation in VSMC value streams and industry huddles Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Industry Leadership Can be nominated to VSMC board Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Industry Leadership Has a vote for VSMC board members Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Research Access to the full Annual State of Value Stream Management Report Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Research First look at VSMC research Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
 Research   Active participation in quarterly microresearch Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Research Exclusive, behind the scenes VSMC research insights Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Networking Access to private VSMC Slack workspace Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Networking Inclusion in the VSMC Member Directory Group 404 Group 404 Group 404
Events & Learning Discounted VSMC event sponsorship and exhibition booths 50% 20% 10%
Events & Learning Logo and company bio featured in VSMC digital products Tiered Tiered  
Events & Learning Logo and company bio featured at VSMC events Tiered Tiered  
Events & Learning Speaker slot at VSMC events Group 404 Group 405 Group 405
Events & Learning Tickets to Flowtopia 10 5 3
Events & Learning Discount on DevOps Institute Enterprise Membership 50% 50% 50%
Events & Learning Annual guest on The Flow Sessions Group 404 Group 405 Group 405
Events & Learning Access to the self-paced VSM Foundation course and materials Unlimited 50 25 
Events & Learning Discounts on the VSM Foundation exam 50% 20% 10% 
 Community Perks  Discount on DevOps Institute Enterprise Membership 50% 50% 50%

Why Members Join

“At this stage in the development of value stream management it’s important that we create and foster a community of experts to further VSM practices, innovation, and adoption,” said Helen Beal, Chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium. “By creating this community, we will increase and accelerate the use of VSM, while developing and instilling best practices and standards. And, ultimately, just like the practice of VSM itself, we will help deliver the utmost value to industry practitioners.”



“Maximizing value from software investments is critical for businesses in order to deliver great experiences for their customers and employees,” said RJ Jainendra, VP and GM for ITBM and DevOps, ServiceNow. “By partnering with the VSMC, ServiceNow is furthering the adoption of VSM to improve end-to-end value delivery processes, ultimately assisting organizations with driving impactful digital transformations."