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Value Stream Management Foundation Course

  • More than 10 hours of video instruction spread over
    41 bite-size chunks

  • 2 world-class instructors and VSM thought leaders

  • Get certification ready 

  • Self-paced version included with all VSMC membership packages
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The new skills you'll get

  • Learn how optimizing value streams for flow and realization positively impacts organizational performance

  • Value stream metrics, how to inspect and organize value streams, and how to evolve value streams
  • Receive your Value Stream Management Foundation certificate and digital badge on successfully passing the exam

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the origins of value stream management and key concepts such as flow, value, and delivery

  • Describe what value stream management is, why it’s needed and the business benefits of its practice

  • Describe how lean, agile, DevOps, and ITSM principles contribute to value stream management

  • Identify and describe value streams, where they start and end, and how they interconnect

  • Identify value stream roles and responsibilities

  • Express value streams visually using mapping techniques, define current and target states and hypothesis backlog

  • Write value stream flow and realization optimization hypotheses and experiments

  • Apply metrics such as touch/processing time, wait/idle time, and cycle time to value streams

  • Understand flow metrics and how to access the data to support data-driven conversations and decisions

  • Examine value realization metrics and aligning to business outcomes, and how to sense and respond to them (outcomes versus outputs)

  • Architect a DevOps toolchain alongside a value stream and data connection points

  • Design a continuous inspection and adaptation approach for organizational evolution

What our members think

"Initially, the purpose of taking the VSM Foundation Course was to review and consolidate my knowledge of software delivery value streams. In fact, this course also allowed me to join an international community of people passionate about the subject in an environment conducive to exchange. Since then, Slack channels and Lean Coffee Huddles have become privileged moments to share our experiences. What I find exceptional about being a member of the VSMC consortium is the opportunity and constant encouragement to contribute to content and research on the adoption of these VSM practices."

Patrice Corbard
Influencer Member, SD Refocus


Learner Materials

Over (10) hours of self-paced instructor-led recorded training OR sixteen (16) hours of live instructor-led training via the DevOps Institute partner network.

Digital Learner Manual including:
  1. Course slideware
  2. Value-Added Resources
  3. Interactive exercises and discussions 
  4. Case stories
  5. Glossary
Access to 100+ hours of additional sources of information and the Value Stream Management Consortium membership community as part of our membership packages.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction

Prerequisites: None, although having a working knowledge of lean, agile, DevOps, and value stream principles will be useful.

Course Introduction

Meet Your Instructors

Value Stream Management Foundation Course: Value Added Resources

Module 1: History and Evolution

Introduction to Module One: History and Evolution

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 1 - History and Evolution

Value Stream Mapping Origins

Case Story: Chipotle

From Mapping to Management

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘What is Value Stream Management?’ with Eric Minick

Lean Thinking

Exercise: Assess where your organization is on your value stream management adoption journey

The State Of VSM Report 2021

Module 1 Quiz

Module 2: Identifying Value Streams

Introduction to Module 2: Identifying Value Streams

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 2 - Identifying Value Streams

What is a Value Stream?

Exercise: Identify at which step your team is on the VSM Implementation Map and what you would need to do to reach the next step.

Identifying a Value Stream

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Value Stream Identification - Lessons from the Wild’ with Carl Starendal

Value Stream Thinking

Case Story: Bank of New Zealand

Module 2 Quiz

Module 3: Mapping Value Streams

Introduction to Module 3: Mapping Value Streams

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 3 - Mapping Value Streams

Mapping Techniques

Case Story: Northrup Grumman

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘How to Do Value Stream Mapping’ with Helen Beal

Value Stream Mapping Scoping Canvas

Exercise: Sketch out a map to show how this approach to value stream mapping compares to your own experiences or understanding of the approach.

Value Stream Thinking

Module 3 Quiz

Module 4: Connecting DevOps Toolchains

Introduction to Module 4: Connecting DevOps Toolchains

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 4 - Connecting DevOps Toolchains

CICD and VSM Delivery and Management Platforms

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Creating a DevOps Toolchain’ with Brian Ashcraft

Case Story: Nio

Building a DevOps Toolchain

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Integrated Tool Chain Demonstration’

Exercise: Draw out your DevOps toolchain as it would align to the value stream cycle.

The VSMP and the Common Data Model

Module 4 Quiz

Module 5: Value Stream Metrics

Introduction to Module 5: Value Stream Metrics

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 5 - Value Stream Metrics

Measuring Value Streams

Measurement Frameworks

Case Story: DNB

Value Stream Flow Metrics

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Value Stream Management: Metrics’ with Yaniv Sayers

Value Stream Realization Metrics

Value Stream Realization Metrics Continued

Exercise: Write an example benefits hypothesis for value stream improvement.

Module 5 Quiz

Module 6: Inspecting the Value Stream

Introduction to Module Six: Inspecting the Value Stream

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 6 - Inspecting the Value Stream

The Pillars of Empiricism and Visibility

Case Story: Healthfirst

What to Inspect

Exercise: Diagram out how you do or would get the data you need from your systems to inspect your value stream real-time.

Flow Inspection

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Value Stream Management: Inspecting Flow’ with Jonathan Harding

Value Realization Inspection

Module 6 Quiz

Module 7: Organizing as Value Streams

Introduction to Module Seven: Organizing as Value Streams

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 7 - Organizing as Value Streams

Team Organization

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Organizing as Value Streams’ with Richard Knaster

Stream Alignment

Case Story: Adidas

Organization Structure

Value Stream Roles

Emerging Value Stream Roles

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘Value Stream Architect: Bryan Finster’ with Don White

Role Transitions

Funding Stream Orientation

Module 7 Quiz

Module 8: Evolving Value Streams

Introduction to Module Eight: Evolving Value Streams

VSM Foundation Courseware for Module 8 - Evolving Value Streams

Why is VSM Important Now?

The New Methodology

DevOps Interventions

Watch This YouTube Video: ‘How to Prioritize Hypotheses for Testing’ with Jeff Gothelf

Case Story: Schneider


Exercise: Write 3 OKRs for you and your value stream team (make at least one of the customer oriented).

Module 8 Quiz


Course Summary

Next Steps

Feedback on Your Value Stream Management Course

Exam Requirements

Value Stream Management Foundation Sample Exam 1

Value Stream Management Foundation Sample Exam 2

Value Stream Management Foundation Glossary

Certification Exam

Successfully passing (65%) the 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the candidate receiving their Value Stream Management Foundation certification and digital badge. The certification is governed and maintained in partnership with DevOps Institute.

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