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Introduction to Value Stream Management Course

  • Get a handle on what Value Stream Management is all about in less than 90 minutes of microlearning

  • 12 modules, each module 5-10 minutes long from VSM expert and VSMC COO, Steve Pereira

  • FREE for EVERYONE - membership is not required

  • Find out if VSM is for you and get a badge for your efforts to share on your socials
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The new skills you'll get

  • Find out why value stream management matters now more than ever and why it drives higher levels of organizational performance

  • Value stream metrics, how to inspect and organize value streams, and how to evolve value streams
  • Receive your Introduction to Value Stream Management certificate and digital badge upon completion from Accredible to share on your socials

Learner Materials

1.5 hours of self-paced instructor-led recorded training with PDF courseware included with each of the 14 course modules. On completion of all the microlearning components, you'll get a digital badge to share on your socials and LinkedIn profile.

When you want more, you can access  100+ hours of additional learning resources including the certified VSM Foundation course and the Value Stream Management Consortium community as part of our membership packages.

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Course Curriculum

Course Introduction

Meet your instructor, Steve Pereira, find out what you're going to learn, and see the learning journey ahead of you.

Why We're Here

Learn about the challenges that VSM is setting out to solve, the things that are getting in the way, and why all of this matters.

Key Concepts

Explore project to product evolution, find out what a value stream in and what the two dimensions are.

How VSM is Different

Look at the VSM ecosystem, and how product, operational, and performance management fit together. Find out how to connect actions to outcomes and business to tech.

Assessing the Landscape

Explore why it's hard to see work and value streams and discover the path to value and the flow of work. Get introduced to the VSM Assessment that the VSMC Consulting Huddle collaborated which is available on the Comparative Agility platform and free for your first team.

Identifying Value Streams

Find out how value streams are different from customer journeys. Learn what a value stream looks like. Practice identifying value streams by putting the customer outcome first.

Defining Value

Start by establishing what value is not. Define value by the consumer. Explore using leading and lagging metrics to measure value.

Mapping the Value Stream

Learn who's involved in a value stream mapping exercise. Find out why mapping results in clarity - and for whom. Discover the key measurements used in value stream mapping; lead time, delay time, value-added time, and %C&A. Think about current, ideal, and future states.

Key VSM Metrics

Learn about the flow metrics from leading industry analyst, Gartner. Find out more about The Flow Framework, from Dr. Mik Kersten in his book, From Project to Product. Discover the DORA and SPACE metrics frameworks.

VSM Tooling

Learn what a Value Stream Management Platform (VSMP) is, how it works, and what it can do for you. Discover where to get VSMPs and how they vary.

VSM Techniques

Look at flow and experimentation (Plan, Do, Study, Act) in more detail. Summarize core VSM practices.

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