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Being a Value Stream Management Consortium member means you get access to the latest thinking, research, and practices to supercharge organizational performance.
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This membership level is aimed at individuals who want access to value stream management resources but aren't associated with a corporate member.

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from $750 per year

If you're in a team working on value stream management adoption and optimization in a single enterprise, this membership is for you and your colleagues. Together you'll get shared access to all of our resources and extensive global VSM network.

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from $1,000 per year

Designed for organizations of any size adopting or involved in the adoption of value stream management that want access to the resources to support their ambitions. We tailor your membership according to your needs and the organization's business goals.

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Membership Benefits

Our members are enterprises, end-users, vendors, and consultants who recognize that VSM is the way to supercharge organizational performance and elevate the role of technologists, optimizing software delivery. Our members are committed to collaborating in order to advance the future of VSM and our industry. Whether you are a technologist, creating VSM technology or coaching organizations on a transformation journey, your membership gives you access to the conversation.

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Why Members Join

“I love sharing stories with fellow VSMC members around value stream management adoption in the VSMC huddle groups. There are so many impediments that can come up along the value stream management journey. The ideas exchanged in these groups help me develop approaches that work for my own audience.”

Ray Padron



“I joined the Value Stream Management Consortium to impact the entire technology profession! Having used a flavor of VSM, I understand the difference it can make when applied practically and pragmatically. I enjoy being at the epicenter of thought leadership and change."

Trac Bannon