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Being a Value Stream Management Consortium member means you get access to the latest thinking, research, and practices to supercharge organizational performance.

The Value Stream Management Consortium is a member association for enterprises and individuals working with value stream management practices and platforms.

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This membership level is aimed at individuals who want access to value stream management resources but aren't associated with a Leader or Partner member

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Corporate – 1-1
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Designed for organizations adopting or involved in the adoption of value stream management that want access to the resources to support their ambitions

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Membership Benefits

Our members are enterprises, end-users, vendors, and consultants who recognize that VSM is the way to supercharge organizational performance and elevate the role of technologists, optimizing software delivery. Our members are committed to collaborating in order to advance the future of VSM and our industry. Whether you are a technologist, creating VSM technology or coaching organizations on a transformation journey, your membership gives you access to the conversation.

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Value Stream Management Consortium Benefits

Why Members Join

“Guiding any organization through a digital transformation journey is a daunting task and can feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions,” said Jeff Keyes, VP of product, Plutora. “Working with the VSMC and emphasizing the importance of the tools we provide to a wider market will only help me with my most important task at hand, delivering value to our customers. The customer is key, and value stream management is how software development teams are able to consistently meet their evolving needs.”

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“Software delivery is prime to make another leap and the timing of the Value Stream Management Consortium could not be better. We are excited to be part of this organization as the industry starts to put VSM theories into practice to improve productivity, business results, and quality of work-life for tech teams across the world,” said Brian Muskoff, Director of Product Management and Development, HCL DevOps. “Over the last decade, I’ve worked with a wide variety of industries and organization types – big and small – to help deliver their DevOps initiatives, and one thing stands out in all of those discussions; value stream management is the practice that will advance DevOps into its next phase.”