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Value Stream Management has been around since the dawn of lean - but it's different in the digital world. Digital value streams need a different treatment and DevOps toolchains means we have more opportunity to gain actionable insights and deliver value outcomes to our customers than ever before.

You'll learn: The history and evolution of VSM, how to identify and map value streams, why connecting DevOps toolchains matters, value stream metrics, how to inspecting value streams, and organize as value streams, and how to evolve value streams

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"Value Stream Management Foundation has not only helped consolidate my knowledge around this space and how to apply it to the digital world in my organization, but it's also shown me a path to accelerate adoption. I can see how VSM is helping us measure and progress in our adoption of DevOps practices. It's going to help me expand my own role and help me help others to adopt VSM ways of thinking and working."

BMK Lakshminarayanan
Value Stream Architect

"I can confidently say that the information that I've leamed from the value Stream Management Foundation course is orders of magnitude more valuable than any amount of clout that I might receive by simply holding the certification itself. After learning what I now know from this course, I feel well equipped to lead a dynamic conversation on how to confidently break down silos and pilot a digital transformation away from waterfall. With these newly acquired tools I feel empowered to instill confidence in even the most entrenched -suite personnel and stakeholders alike, to evolve away from project-based organizational structures, towards product-based flows."
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Joel Kruger
DevSecOps Architect