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Dan Drees

United States

Originally from Detroit, Michigan my career began at Ford Motor. That's where I first learned about statistical process control, flow metrics, and process improvement from, among others, the teachings of W. Edwards Deming. The opportunity to apply those ideals on the factory floor was awesome. In addition to developing an agile mindset and sharing all I've learned over the years I am still learning!


Winmill is a technology services company that provides expert consulting services in Application Development, Application Security, PPM, Data Center & Cyber Security, and Identity & Access Management.
Founded in 1994, Winmill is a technology services company headquartered in New York City. We have five core practices: Software Development, Cyber Security, DevOps, Data Center, and Cloud. We support the entire technology lifecycle. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service by building systems that make our clients more competitive. One of our hallmarks is a knowledge transfer process that maximizes the skills and intellect of your own team.