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Gervais Johnson

I am a fearless and adaptive individual where delivering results and customer delight is paramount. Being one of the early Agile adopters and strategy-innovation pioneers I find myself supporting companies with Agility Transformations leveraging emergent technology. I guide people, teams, and companies to transform or change by effectively executing Strategy and Innovation, leveraging an Agile Ecosystem, while advocating cultural change to better leverage breakthrough technology to meet current market and customer demands. Currently Agile Leader/Coach for Eli Lilly supporting their Digital Transformation to an Agile Enterprise. Past IBM leader of Agile and Innovation since 1998. Led Agile, Innovation and Emergent Technology Adoptions and Transformations for several companies. Trained, mentored, and coached many people on: Leadership Models, Organization Change Practices, Complex Adaptive Thinking, Agile Ways of Working, Strategic Investment Portfolio Management, and Product Design. Co-Founder of Enterprise Agile Community and Meetups expanding our global presence. Co-Founder of Institute of Engineering and Management using IEMAgile, Agile EcoSystem and Gateway to Agile.


Eli Lilly