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VSM Story from Flowtopia 2023: Parchment - Inspecting Value Streams

October 31, 2023

VSM adoption is gaining momentum as demonstrated by enterprise practitioners presenting how they use VSM practices and tools at Flowtopia 2023. This series dives into first-hand VSM stories from our exceptional speakers from BECU, Deutsche Telekom, Netflix, Parchment, Shutterstock, Telstra, and Unum. 


Digital transformation and Value Stream Management require a data-driven approach, emphasizing metrics illuminating flow signals. Phil Clark, VP of Application Engineering at Parchment LLC, shares insights on the Inspect stage and shifting from a legacy code-based performance measurement to outcome-driven, team-focused metrics linked to strategic goals. He emphasizes the significance of fostering a flow culture at Parchment and offers practical insights for your Inspect approach.


The VSM Implementation Roadmap

Metrics journey


Session Highlights

  • The shift in inspecting and measuring performance
  • Flow culture and why we need to separate business and team conversations
  • What we inspect in our value streams

What we do to inspect

  • Our next steps regarding the Inspect and Adapt roadmap stages
  • Key takeaways: Context matters, respect the differences between business and team focus and conversations, being stable doesn’t always mean steady output, and executives mindset alignment regarding contemporary practices and metrics.


In a Nutshell

"Transitioning to Value Stream Management, Flow insights, and the collective experience of the VSMC have reshaped my 24-year tech career.
We're redefining how we measure and improve delivery performance."


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Phil Clark

Phil Clark

Phil has been a member of the VSMC since 2021. With 24 years of software engineering and tech leadership expertise spanning startups and global enterprises, Phil has emerged as an influential leader in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Over the past decade, Phil has played a vital role in guiding Parchment's digital transformation, revolutionizing product delivery and technology. Phil drives operational excellence by focusing on competitive capabilities and team engagement. He actively contributes to the technology community through talks, collaborations, and shared experiences.

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