The Flow Sessions Episode 9: Laureen Knudsen

Value Stream Management in 5 Easy Steps

Laureen Knudsen + Steve

Unsure how to start the evolution to Value Stream Management?

Today's dynamic business conditions require updated ways to manage the transition. While we may understand the objectives we want to meet - we don't always know how to get there.

Broadcom Software’s CTO, Laureen Knudsen will explain the real steps needed to implement VSM and how to approach making this change within your organization.

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About Laureen:

Laureen Knudsen is the Chief Transformation Officer of Broadcom Software, Member of Power50, and was awarded Top 100 Women in Tech.

Laureen is an award-winning senior business leader with 25+ year career that spans IT, financial and healthcare systems, and analytics.

She co-authored Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization. Laureen is also an author of the BizOps Manifesto and is part of the founding members of the BizOps Coalition.

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