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Vikas Kapila

Vikas is a transformation practitioner with a passion for aligning to Lean-Agile values and principles applying behaviors and practices to enable delivery of highest business value with built-in quality at the earliest in a predictably and sustainable cycle.
He excels at quickly delivering business value, simplifying the seemingly complex, and delighting customers. He is able to achieve these results by consistently building radically prolific, high performing teams by believing to look listen & learn before initiating collaboration, coaching, training and facilitation. Trusted partner, synergist and change catalyst with consultative communication style, qualified to unify stakeholders and inspire cross-functional teams to deliver that propel business forward & accelerate business strategies.
Enterprise Agility Consulting was founded in 2018 with the aim to help organizations in their BUSINESS / DIGITAL / AGILE transformation journey through mentoring, training, transformation, and relentless improvement “MTTR” consulting.
Its ‘BOSS’ excellence approach allows organizations to achieve business, operational, strategic, and scaling excellence.
While working with clients, Enterprise Agility Consulting always follows the principles of
look, listen, and learn. By closely observing an organization’s system and understanding it, they evolve the system and work together with internal stakeholders towards the
same goals and outcomes, ensuring the least collateral damage. During the process, the company focuses on the outcomes that clients desire in small incremental cycles.
Organizations often perceive business transformation, digital transformation, and Agile and
DevOps transformations as different modes of transformation. However, the intention behind these transformations is the same: to bring agility into the organization for responding quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and customer needs.
While few organizations focus on business transformations from operational aspects,
others concentrate on digital transformation for streamlining and customizing the experience for the workforce. Enterprise Agility Consulting works together with internal stakeholders, CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs and empowers them to determine these three initiatives as a singular holistic model instead of separate operations. As such, organizations can achieve more synergistic and effective outcomes.
Further, Enterprise Agility Consulting helps organizations master various core competencies,
including Agile Product Delivery, Leadership Agility, Lean Portfolio Management, Operations Excellence, Strategy Agility, Team Agility, Technical Agility and Value Stream Management.