17th October, 09:10am

The Reality of Value Stream Management

Steve Pereira-2
    Steve Pereira

Value Stream Management stands on a pile of past efforts and trends, holding the promise of continuous improvement for the entire enterprise - but we’re not quite there yet.

VSM has been hailed as a mechanism to improve delivery, but what about assurance, or sustainability? Why have we missed adoption targets? What can we expect from VSM today, and what can we do to influence tomorrow?

This talk will draw a map of our current landscape, and highlight some of the landmarks that could bring us closer to the promise of VSM.

  • What analysts and experts are saying about VSM
  • How we’re tackling the challenge of adoption
  • How we’re tackling the challenge of data

Steve Pereira is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to create flow. For the past 20 years, from tech support to CTO, his focus has been on using mapping techniques to guide ambitious teams towards higher performance.

Steve is a board advisor to the Value Stream Management Consortium, value stream lead and a member of the core delivery team.

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