17th October, 10:00am

How to Misuse and Abuse Metrics

Bryan Finster-1
    Bryan Finster

The right metrics used the right way can give us powerful insights into where to look for drag in our value streams.

However, even the right metrics can make things worse if used incorrectly. Using the wrong metrics can drive us right into the ditch. In this talk, I’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly about metrics along with suggestions on how to avoid abusing them and to choose the right ones and use them the right way to improve the flow of delivery.

Bryan is a passionate advocate for and practitioner of continuous delivery who knows from experience that CD improves outcomes for the end-user, the organization, and for the teams implementing it. Deploy more and sleep better.

Bryan has over two decades of experience delivering and supporting mission-critical supply chain solutions for very large enterprises. He’s the founder and former lead for the Walmart DevOps Dojo with hands-on experience both executing continuous delivery for production systems and helping other organizations find and remove the constraints that prevent a CD workflow.

He’s a co-author of “Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future”, author of the 5-Minute DevOps blog on Medium, and a frequent speaker on all topics related to improving the flow of software delivery.

Bryan is a board advisor to the Value Stream Management Consortium.

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