17th October, 11:15am

How to Overcome Enterprise Disconnect with Value Stream and Flow Metrics

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    BMK Lakshminarayanan

As we step into the thirteenth year of the term "DevOps", it is now mainstream in most organizations. It makes into the Strategy & Board meetings, CIO presentations, press releases and success parties.

As most of the organization just scratching the surface, there is a lot to take on when it comes to any transformation initiatives. Primarily focusing on - Speed & Stability. Organizations have realized that - hundreds of deployments do not matter, but matters what - the "Value" to the customer.

In this presentation, BMK will share on most of the Enterprises' state, reflecting on how the pressure is more on "IT" to deliver value faster. However, the rest of the organization operations and processes are still slow, e.g., funding the initiatives, Architecture, governance, etc.

Value Stream Management - helps to overcome this "Enterprise Disconnect":

  • Instead of all working to achieve our own goals, we work towards organizational goals.
  • Instead of working against each other and pushing our priorities/agenda, we all work together to achieve better customer and business outcomes.
  • Instead of focusing just on "project timeline & budget", we work towards delivering "Value."
  • Instead of mapping our strategy to structure, we work towards regrouping and organizing our teams to map our strategy & centred around "Customer" and "Value."

BMK's known for speaking his heart content - originally authoritative; He shares his practitioners experiences, learnings & his perspective with the wider community to amplify the "Community Learning Experience".

BMK's talk will cover and help you to explore and apply: (Key Takeaways)

  • Optimizing the organizational functions and processes "Flow."
  • Make the work & flow visible to everyone.
  • Measure what matters - the "Flow" with the help of Flow Metrics
  • Finally - make the right thing, the easy thing.

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