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How to Find and Suggest Content on the VSMC Blog

April 21, 2023

Is a Blog a Value Stream?

A blog is definitely a product or service for a customer or end user. So we need to treat this blog as a value stream and drink our own champagne!

As the first of The Five Lean Thinking principles reminds us, it all starts with defining value from the customer's point of view. Customer experience must drive our actions and help us define our priorities for improvement.

That's why we've just added two new features to the blog:

  1. Blog categories make it easier to search for blog posts
  2. Comments to collect your feedback and suggestions for other contents


New Blog Categories

From the classic navigation in the blog in reverse chronological order, you can now also filter posts by category:

  • VSM 101, to understand the basics, why, and what of digital value stream management and access general information on our learning, State of VSM research, and other industry reports.
  • Leadership, to help you launch or lead a VSM initiative and address the links between "VSM and Industry Frameworks" via our brand new series.  
  • Identify and Map, to concretely identify the different types of value streams in particular with the help of our series "Is THIS a Value Stream?”.
  • Flow Events, to exchange and extend the discussions around our Flow Events. 
  • Customer Value, to focus on delivering clearly defined value from the customer's perspective.
  • Metrics, to continuously measure customer outcomes, value realization, and flow efficiency using Value Stream Management Platforms (VSMPs).
  • Organization, to address the organizational and human elements of VSM, and in particular the evolution to value stream roles.


Please tell us what you think: 

  • Do these categories help you find our blog content more easily? 
  • Do you have any suggestions for refining these categories? 
  • What other content would you like to find?


For all these questions, you can now use our second new feature and submit comments to this blog post.


Submit Comments on Blog Posts

At the end of each blog post, you can now submit comments using a little form.


Don't hesitate to use this new feature to share ideas of other content or links to other resources, extend discussions, and interact by replying to comments, as you could already do on other social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium) where our articles are published.

Feedback is the key to all our lean, agile, DevOps, and VSM approaches. We count on you!


We welcome all types of content submissions from all of our members.

If you are already a member, you can consult the course ‘Creating Content with the VSMC’ in the Member Portal, where you will find links to the ‘VSMC Content Creation Guidelines’ and our Trello board.

You can also share your suggestions in the ‘Content Value Stream’ space of the VSMC Member Community or in our “content-value-stream” Slack channel.

If you want to join the VSMC community, become a member below!
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Picture by Daniel Lerman on Unsplash

Patrice Corbard

Patrice Corbard

Patrice is VSMC's Head of Content Value Stream, and a Consultant, coach, and trainer in DevOps, Value Stream Management, and Agile. He's the founder of SD ReFocus, which applies VSM principles and practices to focus software delivery on customer value.

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